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dirty, clean

Rae White

Write me like one of your good
girls, they gasp, lips slack and dirty
with language, body splayed
on bed like tapestry. Glossed light
singes weave curtains, while we warp
and weft, tracing wordless skin, nails
and knife grazing sharp calligraphy.

I fill them up with words
to tip them out. They pour
all over my thighs. Drizzled

threads coat their tummy, skin flushed
red with ruckus. Their gushed
endearments wash me


Rae White is a non-binary transgender poet, writer and zinester. Their poetry collection Milk Teeth (UQP) won 2017 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. Rae is a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow for 2020. They are the editor of, a journal for non-binary and gender diverse creatives.