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My Phytophagous Love

Tristan Beiter

Wrap me
	in wax, my
		phytophagous love.

Hunker down against my chest,
	a chrysalis cocooning me,
		yellow and soft,

deep in the hundred
	cells of our apiary.
		Apterous one,

sit down at my table,
	come to feast
		on such nectars:

	my abdomen and
		pull my hairless

hips to yours;
	meet me
		in the active space,

this field of flowers.
	Let us rest awhile
		in aestivation,

a languorous
	sharing of our selves
		made over and again

in ecdysis,
	in lips and ciliated skin,
		the metamorphosis

of day and day;
	molting as we dress and undress,
		constructing, like the bees.  

Tristan Beiter is a queer speculative poet originally from Central Pennsylvania. His work has previously appeared in such publications as Liminality, GlitterShip, Abyss & Apex, and Bird's Thumb. When not reading or writing, he crafts absurdities with his boyfriend and shouts about literary theory. Find him on Twitter at @TristanBeiter