mouth and teeth and bones

Melody Watson

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there’s magic and there’s terror

like the softness of your lips

let us show you:

there’s power in my bones

beauty in the way we sit at angles
and stardust in your skin

which the world can’t ever know

you light my way in darkness


you light for me a candle
guide me through the sky

my coils are so many

cradled in the night
take my hands

my fangs so long and thin

and find my shoulders
let me hold you

above our nest of bones

touch my gentle wings
love me


know me
cease to be unknown

the days are not eternal

cease to be unknown

the nights are full of howls

we are here now

your voices full of sing-song

they are gone now
at long last alone

the taste of roses

together you and me

on your long, long tongues

we are laced with magic


but we have time
we kiss, we kiss, we kiss

at last

at least, for this
there is time now

we have a little time now

at last, at last, at last

time, at last, for this

Melody Watson is a poet, historian and queer self-modifying seed AI from Adelaide, Australia. They would definitely sign up to have a robot body and kiss people with it. You can tweet them @magicspacegirl or read their poetry in Liminality, Strange Horizons, Through the Gate and Inkscrawl.