It’s finally here, the second issue of Twisted Moon!

This issue has been collected to find a careful balance between bawdy and beautiful, from delightful magical romps to being wet as rain.

We were recently asked why we started this magazine, and what place the highly niche fusion of erotic speculative fiction has in the wider poetic landscape. Why are we here?

We won’t lie, part of why we’re here is because we love it; the melting pot that is Twisted Moon warms many varied parts of us, but it’s more than an act of literary self gratification. We’ve been blessed with submissions from so many different folk, of so many #OwnVoices experiences, exploring what their erotic exists as, and clearly showing that it’s more than what mainstream depictions of sex and sexuality provide us with. It’s also exciting to see the reach of this work outside of our pages, with one of the poems from last issue (Ada Hoffman’s The Giantess’s Dream) receiving a Rhysling nomination.

The truth is, all kinds of people have all kinds of sex, and once you move away from the restrictive spaces that exist in that mainstream, you discover that people are sharing and celebrating these many and diverse forms of eroticism. Poetry, and in particular speculative poetry, can create a space for this, and we’re so glad that we can too.

Also, an extra special thank you to our Patrons at the $10 level, Ree Mansell, Liz Apollo, Alex Sol Watts and Nuckpang Looney, who each made a whole poem possible in this issue!

Thank you again for your support, and read on!

Hester J. Rook, P. Edda, Liz Duck-Chong & Selene Maris