Lucid Dreamer

Sara Tantlinger

wake up
the blue feathers are full,
whispering against your morning skin
dragging beads and netting
across the willow hoop’s frame
where delicious nightmares remain
hostage to the dreamcatcher’s spidery cradle

open those eyes
to your favorite dark thoughts
watch them make love to remnants
of soft images you tried to keep afloat
within a sleep-cloud above your head

but your nightmare-girl sighs,
blue feathers bind her wrists together
shadowed body pliable and caught
between the spikes and plumages

you’ve come to claim your punishment
because terror has never
whetted your appetite the way she does
never traced its tongue
so far inside your mind
never wrapped long, stroking fingers
around your spine
so hard
with that hot, nightmare blood
dripping and staining the sheets

open your lips
to simmering bites
against the curve of your throat
swallow your nightmare-girl down
keep her aching in your belly

wake up
splay your palms against webbing
and beads where the blackest thoughts
are caught,
where you’d rather live between the warm
thighs of illusionary darkness bound in terror,
and make love in a bed of blue feathers

Sara Tantlinger is the author of Love For Slaughter, and her most recent publications appear in Abyss and Apex and in 100 Word Horrors: An Anthology of Horror Drabbles. She is a contributing editor for Oddville Press and an active HWA member. Find her lurking on Twitter, @SaraJane524.