In Our Depths, We Are

Eva Papasoulioti

Your water fills my lungs
and I breathe nothing
but you. The only light comes from
the stars in our waves. Silver on your wet
skin, the shades of our depths synchronized
a staccato of tidal heartbeats inside each other.
Give me your melancholy, I’ll drink it.
I’ll give you my insecurities –drown them.
We saturate ourselves in dreams and flame,
no start to our end, no end to our beginning.
I taste the drops of your sweat, urgency and
need as the abyss closes in, I am there
touching the seabed, in sharp stillness,
thunder your face. We move, we swirl,
we kick. We’ll surface together.

Eva Papasoulioti is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry. She lives in Athens, Greece, and translates words for a living. Her work has appeared in Syntax & Salt and Umbel & Panicle. You can find her on twitter @epapasoulioti and on her blog